Farm Stay Charcoal Black Head Peel-Off Nose Pack – 100 gm


Our feet take a lot of rage and usually get too little attention. After physical work, pregnancy, sports and other things, our feet are worn out. Monster Foot Peeling Pack was developed just to provide intensive care to our feet. Instead of dry and cracked feet, one would remove dead skin to scratch a smooth and moisture surface. Imagine being able to walk in open shoes or barefoot without being ashamed! Are your feet in this category? Then it’s time to get them a beauty treatment. Get a few new feet with the Monster Foot Peeling Pack!

key Benefits

  • Removes dead skin cells completely within a few days
  • Moisturizes and softens
  • Calms and heals your feet
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  • Strong peel-off type nose pack that removes sebum surrounding and deep inside the nose
  • Green tea, grape fruit, and portulaca extract helps simulated pores and smoothen
  • Helps stimulated pores and smoothen.



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